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Japanese House -- Sushi Bar and Hibachi Grill

Link here to read our complete story in the May 19, 2011, edition of The Central Virginian -- "Lake Anna Home to Sushi: Young Chef Aims to Feed, Educate."

Asian Cafe Recommended. "I had the good fortune to share a meal with fellow LKAer, Chuck Meeks today at the new Asian Cafe. It's located next to Ally's in the LAI Center. Chuck ordered a Hibachi Lunch and I ordered the Sushi Lunch (choice of two rolls for under $8). We had hot tea and our cups were never empty or even half full. Service was excellent. Our food was served properly and it was very tasty. The menu was extensive. The atmosphere here is comfortable. There are about 14 booths, a large table and a mini sushi bar. I can recommend it to you and encourage you to try it."

                                              --Posted by Lake Anna Life Blogspot, January 6, 2011


"Asian Cafe is open! Good sushi. Fresh fish arrives Tuesdays and Thursdays."

                                                         --Twitter/@LakeAnna, February 4, 2011

"Excellent and strongly recommended!"

                                    --Guest80878, April 28, 2011


"Friendly staff, and fantastic food make for a wonderful dining experience. Why drive to Louisa or Fredericksburg anymore when you can have a 'better' dining experience right here on the lake! We've waited a long time for something good to come in and have been blessed by this local establishment. . . Thank-you, Thank-you"

                                   --Guest65031, February 14, 2011


"If you're in the mood for fine Chinese and Japanese hibachi with a spectacular view of Lake Anna, this is the place for you. The Asian Cafe features a fresh sushi bar and seems to have gotten many locals hooked on their unique Far East flavor."

                                  --Lake Anna Dining: A Taste of Lake Anna  May 27, 2011